From conception to the finished Nuclos project

With the Nuclos modular system, getting an ERP solution that exactly fits your business takes just a few steps.

How does this work?

Ask yourself some basics first: Which specific processes do you need? How do your processes differ from those at other companies? Are there distinctive features on which you your business model is based? And: how would your ideal process look like?

By answering these questions and using the ERP modular system, you will get your unique, tailor-made ERP system. After that, you add more components (Nuclets), as needed: Maybe you decide to automate certain processes, like sending order confirmations or printing delivery notes. Or you want to specify to whom information like task lists or overdue bills are made available and when.

That's how you start a Nuclos project in your company.

Example A

You've got a specification?
Send us your requirements, and we prepare a non-binding offer with a cost estimate for you.

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Example B

You want to get to know Nuclos better first? During a prototype workshop we set up a prototype according to your requirements and necessary interfaces – this way, you get a clear picture of the implementation.

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Step by step: this is how a typical Nuclos project evolves

With Nuclos, your new ERP system will be implemented iteratively. This step by step approach allow us to regularly provide you with usable intermediate statuses during the course of the project. For example, we could begin with implementing entities and templates as well as processes and rules. You will check then whether the system meets your specifications and requirements. This will be followed by further steps, like forms or interfaces. What's special about it: data migration takes places right from the beginning. Completing such a project takes just 3 to 6 months.