Adjusting your ERP system with Nuclets

Successful business models and competitive advantages are usually based on company-specific or industry-specific processes. That's why it's possible to expand or adjust your Nuclos ERP system with additional components (Nuclets). In doing so, your business is always prepared for new challenges.

Using the Nuclos ERP modular system, you adjust the software to your business – not the other way around.

Individual Nuclets are built with the tools provided by Nuclos. You want to automate certain processes, like sending order confirmations or printing delivery notes? Or do you want to specify to whom information like task lists or overdue bills are made available and when? By easily adding more Nuclets, you are able to quickly change or expand your business processes. But you don't have to start from scratch all the time: you will find numerous ready for use Nuclets, templates and examples for a wide array of applications and industries built by ourselves our by Nuclos users.

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Release upgrades without worries

Your specific Nuclets are connected to Nuclos, but they don't become fixed components of the business software's core. The big advantage: even after a Nuclos release upgrade your individual adjustments are preserved – saving you a lot of time and money.

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