Build your own erp

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It's time for Nuclos.

The modular system that allows you to build your own ERP system according to your needs. Easily and cost-effective: a software that perfectly fits your business.

As unique as your business

When small and medium-sized enterprises opt for a business software it often means they're forced to rely on hardly flexible standard products. But individual processes can't be easily supported by rigid structures. That's why you're able to customize Nuclos to your own requirements.


All processes, full control

Production planning, order processing, or warehouse management: Nuclos maps all necessary business processes as needed. A customized ERP application takes only between 8 and 16 weeks to build, depending on the industry and the number of necessary modules.

Grows with your demands

New challenges often also mean new processes for a business. By adding more modules you can customize the software further as needed. That's only one reason why Nuclos is the most widely used Open Source ERP system in the German-language market.

Modular system instead of standard software

Very often, it's independent processes that support a business model and that make a company successful. Any standard ERP software will cover those specific processes only insufficiently.

Modular system

  • Freedom With an ERP modular kit, you decide.
  • Unique Exactly covers your processes.
  • Simple Optimized for your business.


  • Restriction With a standard ERP system, others decide.
  • Just average Covers all companies' processes.
  • Complex Built to fit many businesses.

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Open Source

Nuclos is Open Source (AGPL). There are no license fees when deploying Nuclos, regardless of the number of users.