Tailor-made – just the right ERP for you

Using the Nuclos ERP modular system, you adapt the software to your business – not the other way around.

What is a ERP modular system?

Nuclos doesn't slow you down with rigid configurations where your business processes have to fit in. Instead, the ERP modular kit contains flexible components to cover all business operations. This way, you decide which features your tailor-made ERP should have, which areas you want to map or to customize.
Adding more components, if needed, is easy. With these so-called "Nuclets" you can change or extend your processes smoothly. That's how you set up your business for new challenges.

What's the benefit of a ERP modular system?

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, introducing a business software often means being forced to rely on hardly flexible standard products. Their default range of features only rarely matches the individual, specific demands of SME.
But if you have to bend your own processes to fit to a standard ERP system, you might diminish your competitive edge. Therefore, there's Nuclos. Enabling small and medium-sized companies to build custom-made ERP solutions, easy and cost-effective.

How can I apply Nuclos?

Nuclos can be utilized in all areas of a company. Be it merchandise management systems (order processing, customer management, warehouse management), production or industry-specific business processes – you decide about the optimal configuration of your ERP system.
If needed, you can just as well integrate only subsectors of your processes. It's also possible to connect your Nuclos installation to existing systems via interface. Typical interfaces in Nuclos are Office, e-mail, online stores or accounting. Just like the processes, interfaces can be customized, too.

See how the Nuclos modular system works:

Suitable for all business sectors

Trading, production, or service companies – Nuclos covers all necessary processes. You decide about the optimal configuration of your ERP solution.

Useful automation

Calculations, assessments, barcode interfaces:
The Nuclos ERP solution will make it easier to manage your business.

Data processing with added value

Nuclos structures all information from your business processes. Data from all areas, be it customer management, order processing, or production, give you new insights into your company.

Powerful and clear

If your business or your processes change, you can easily modify your ERP system by using the various components (Nuclets). Thereby, you'll always have the business software solution you need.


You can build your ERP application in-house yourself, or we take care of it for you – according to budget and schedule. Depending on the number of processes to be mapped, building a custom-made ERP system takes between 8 and 16 weeks.