Training Videos

Our training videos will get you ready for Nuclos. In a short time, you will learn how to design and adjust your own ERP system.

As simple as that

Business objects and layouts, workflows and reporting: with every new Nuclos release, new video tutorials are added. Learn how to build your own ERP swiftly and effectively with our training videos.

SECTION D - Use and Handling

Introduction to Nuclos interface
Tab concept
Search filters
Search filter management
Nuclos Desktop
Planned topics: data processing, task lists, collective processing, log and history

SECTION E - Business Rules

Rule editor
Business rules
Term rules
Library rules

SECTION G - CSV Data Import

Structure definition and import

SECTION H - Nuclet Management

Soon you'll find here videos about the export and import of Nuclets, interfaces between Nuclets, and the Nuclos Mail Client.

SECTION I - Data Source Editor

Data source editor
Value list provider

SECTION J - Administration

User groups
User group management

Soon you'll find here additional videos about the job control feature, LDAP configuration and system parameters.

SECTION K - Other Topics

Jira Webinar

Planned topics: database objects, resource plannung, e-mail, web services