Nuclos Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Whether you decide to choose a turnkey ERP solution based on Nuclos or to design and build your ERP system yourself – you can always rely on our support.

  • Based on your individual requirements, we offer two different Service Level Agreements: for customers choosing a turnkey solution, and for customers building their Nuclos ERP application on their own.

  • Find out about the main features of both options here.
Turnkey solution

The Nuclos maintenance starts at the date when the system is ready for acceptance. It runs for a year and it is valid for one Nuclos instance at a time (Nuclos Server, incl. test system). The yearly charge is 10 % of the total value of the contract (without the amount caused by data migration and project organization). Beta versions of Nuclos are not covered by the Nuclos maintenance.

Service Description
Response time In case of an issue, we guarantee certain response and resolution times, according to error classes (see table below).
Remote maintenance In the event of an error, we will perform the support via remote maintenance, if necessary.
Update We guarantee that the supplied ERP system can be upgraded to future releases of Nuclos. When upgrading, individual adjustments remain unchanged.

As part of the Nuclos maintenance we ensure a timely solution of issues that may occur, within guaranteed response and resolution times.

Error class Max. resolution time
1 – High: Nuclos stopped being operable, the whole system is affected, e.g. system crash, wrong calculation, other critical errors. 1 working day
2 – Medium: An essential sub-function stopped working, e.g. missing permissions, wrong printouts, other errors. 5 working days
3 – Low: A minor sub-function stopped working, e.g. temporarily, individual process steps have to be performed manually, usability is affected, other minor errors. 20 working days
Do It Yourself solution

Here, the Nuclos maintenance includes debugging as well as supporting configuration and further development of Nuclets that are done by you. Beta versions of Nuclos are not covered by this maintenance agreement. As part of the Nuclos maintenance we ensure a timely solution of issues that may occur, within guaranteed response times.

Priority Response time
1 – Critical: The software stopped being operable, with no possible workaround. Examples: repeated system crashes despite restart, critical errors, further development of a Nuclet not possbile. 1 working day
2 – Non-critical: Other maintenance cases, a temporary workaround is possible. Example: non-critical errors, support for software-related questions, assisting the development of Nuclets. 4 working days

We patch errors in Nuclos and in a Nuclet, as far as they affect the operation or the further development of a customer's Nuclet. Is the error caused by Nuclos, we fix the error on our own expense. Is the error caused by the Nuclet itself or by other software components, the customer shall reimburse the expenses incurred.

3rd Level Support

We support you on all technical issues regarding to operation, configuration and further development of a Nuclet. The support is ususally provided via phone, via Teamviewer, or via remote desktop.


We make sure that Nuclets can always be updated according to new Nuclos releases. When updating, individual adjustments remain completely intact (except Nuclos extensions). Furthermore, we make sure that Nuclos keeps being operable, e.g. with new Java releases, updated operating system versions, and updated data bases.