Nuclos Hosting

Nuclos Hosting On premise or As a Service: it's your choice

  • You decide where your Nuclos ERP solution will be hosted. Do you want Nuclos to run on our servers or do you prefer to have them installed on your own infrastructure? Processes and responsibilities are organized differently in each company, the complexity of the IT structure also varies. Together with you we determine the optimal integration of Nuclos in your existing IT environment. By the way: you can use the Nuclets you've aquired in the Nuclos Shop in both options.

Nuclos on Premise

You can use your own IT infrastructure to host Nuclos on your server or at any potential server provider. This option makes sense if you, for example, have already installed your own data center. When installing on premise, investments for hardware, software and running costs will occur.

We'll find out your optimal hardware configuration. Additionally, we offer preconfigured hardware, so called Nuclos Appliances. You will benefit from standardized processes for installation and maintenance. Our experience will save you time and costs.

Nuclos as a Service

When using a cloud-based installation for Nuclos, no investments are needed for installation and administration or for the monitoring and maintenance of servers. At the same time, the implentation effort is reduced, the implementation time will drop sharply.

With new releases, Nuclos will be updated automatically, your individiual adjustments (Nuclets) stay in place.

Comparing both options

On Premise As a Service
Investments high low
Operating costs intermediate user-based
Flexibility limited high
Demand for staff knowledge high intermediate
Reliability varied high
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