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    I have a strange problem in Nuclos. Version 4.25.8.

    There is conditional display for Klonen aktiv (dynamisch) button defined:

    def sStatus = context."#{NAMESPACE.Zeiterfassungposition.status}"
    if (sStatus == null || sStatus.trim().isEmpty() || sStatus == 'In Genehmigung') {
        return true; 
    return false;

    It works fine in Java-Client but the button just not displayed in Web-Client.

    The only condition which i prove to work consistently if i define condition as ‚return true;‘ Then all is ok both in Web and Java.

    Do you have any ideas why it is could be a problem?


    I see in JS Console warnings like

    Calling isActionAllowed before authentication data is loaded.

    Is it a reason of problem?


    I found topic about similar problem https://www.nuclos.de/forums/topic/groovy-im-web-client/

    So, groovy doesn’t work in Web-Client in general?

    Do i have any alternatives how to enable Clone or Delete buttons in subform basing on any rules so that it works both in Client and Web?


    You’re right. Groovy doesn’t work in Web-Client.
    As a general rule, Clone and Delete buttons ar enabled in subforms.

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